Burton Academy School is a new venture for School District 10. Located in the attractive village of Burton on the shores of Arrow Lakes and the Columbia River the school is ideally situated to use its surroundings to enhance an Outdoor Education program called ‘Outdoor World’. Forests, creeks, valleys, mud flats, beach and the river provide the perfect environment in which  students can learn both the skills needed to survive in the outdoors as a recreationist and as a worker.  Sole access to the whole of the school and its grounds plus the surrounding forest and beach being only only five minutes away is perfect for the program that will require students to learn how to hunt, to fish, to survive in the winter in an emergency and to become part of the provincial search and rescue  network of volunteers. In addition students will expand their skill set beyond the practical and acquire knowledge of entrepreneurial business practice that complements the recreational industry thriving here in Arrow Lakes.

BAS is open one day a week for the 2014-2015 school year with about 20 students enrolling from Grades 10-12. These students are currently cross-enrolled at Nakusp Secondary School and home schooling programs. As the adventure builds, the vision is to expand the program offering Sustainable Resources: Forestry, Earth Science and outdoor leadership courses in years to come.